ICNAA2021 will be organised in Brisbane, Australia 15-20.8.2021

Welcome to ICNAA2017 in Helsinki

The 20th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols will organized 25.-30.6.2017 in Helsinki , Finland, by CNAA, Finnish association for Aerosol Research, University of Helsinki, Finnish Meteorological Institute and Finnish Aerosol Research foundation.

The conference starts with an ice-breaking party on Sunday afternoon (25th June). For Friday, Saturday and Sunday (30th June - 2nd July), there will be excursions at least to SMEAR II station in Hyytiälä and microbreweries around Helsinki.

This year the special theme of the conference is 'particle phase changes’

Plenary speakers:

Robert McGraw (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA) - ‘Temperature dependence in heterogeneous and homogeneous nucleation’
Kyoko Tanaka (Hokkaido University, Japan) -`Nucleation processes revealed by large-scale molecular dynamics simulations'
Annele Virtanen (University of Eastern Finland) - ‘On the atmospheric implications of the solid phase and phase transitions of secondary organic aerosols’
Lin Wang (Fudan University, China) - ’Atmospheric nucleation in urban China’
Thomas Peter (ETH Zürich) - ’Heterogeneous versus homogeneous nucleation of ice in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere.’
Special lectures:
Markku Kulmala (University of Helsinki, Finland) -’Legacy of SMEAR II observatory’.
Timo Vesala (University of Helsinki, Finland) -’8-hours study of heat transfer in saunas over 21 years’.

Reserve the dates in your calendar, looking forward to seeing you in Helsinki 2017!

Hanna Vehkamäki
Paul DeMott
Conference chairpersons

Antti Lauri,
FAAR president

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